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Spinnit Records currently is building dominance as a provider for music around the globe, and is working to be recognized as a principal label for metal, hard rock, country, and is also open to all genres. The birth of Spinnit came about from an early start in the summer of 2009, when lead singer of Florida hard rock/metal band Lydia Can't Breathe, decided to team up with Brendon Keith of Studio 101, and release the band's debut album. The label went on to officially release "At the Bottom of the Podum Stole" on November 27th, 2010. Subsequently following the digital and physical release, the label steady pushed forward to work on touring and building relationships with notable acts. Having a strict belief that evolving relations in a community of cutting-edge acts would eventually give more attention to Spinnit, they began persuading fans during a stylistic shift of tides in the hard rock music scene. These directional changes have been constant, building from the ground up humbly, and further on with intentions of growing outside the United States. Spinnit is working to gather fan bases to create a concrete structure that will allow their acts from small areas to have their music properly represented, and promoted, creating touring opportunities in multiple markets.


Although in a lot of ways selling albums and making it through the previous avenues of success have died out, this has created more opportunity for Spinnit as an independent label to grow. As supporting roles within the scene evolve, so are the various genre styles that are available to music consumers. The scope of the music industry has morphed, and controlling a musical career has become more easily adaptable for smaller labels and bands. 


In the beginning stages, Spinnit has not only revamped the Central Florida music scene with their own strategies, but the label has grown into a more mature focused business that sees a light at the end of the tunnel. The core foundation of creative freedom is set aside from the variables allowing a chance for diversity in music that is not often found today. Pairing that mission with an ability to adapt to the forever-changing economics in the music industry, allowing a more mutual outlook on creative development without having to firmly adhere to the normal tactics of the music industry. Advancing the musical careers of every artist under the label has prompted the owners of Spinnit to raise the bar with each future project. Reaching out to develop relationships with booking agents, promoters, designers, labels, representatives since 2009, Spinnit Records has exemplified characteristics of a hard working independent label. The work being done is by fans and friends that together love working with musicians, and love making music for fans of all walks. These fans that continue to support from-the-ground-up movements such as Spinnit Records are the foundation to each and every success alike.